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7 Top New Orleans Landscapes

Landscape Ideas for New Orleans

Landscape Ideas for New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its beautiful gardens that create picture perfect neighborhood vistas. The combination of massive oak trees, that line the city streets, and night blooming jasmine will take your breath away on an evening stroll. The Subtropical climate allows New Orleanian Gardens to differentiate themselves from the rest of the world. These gardens are the inspiration behind many landscape renovations across the country and continue to transform the New Orleans neighborhoods.

1. Landscapes for Privacy

Creating a landscape designed to give your home some privacy is easily accomplished, all it takes is creative thinking from a landscape architect and the right plants. The construction design of homes in New Orleans doesn’t lend itself to privacy. A great way to counterbalance this is, adding the right plants to property lines to provide screening and a great view.

Plant Material to Consider:

  • East Palatka Holly Trees 
  • Viburnum 
  • Tree form ligustrum 

When planting the previously mentioned screening plants, make sure to invest in larger specimen plantings to provide the best results.

2.Courtyard Gardens

In New Orleans, the average lot size is 60 feet wide and 120 feet long. This architecture design lends itself to making courtyard gardens prominent is just about every home. These patios are filled with hundred-year-old flagstone and bricks that have stood the test of time. When adding a courtyard garden design to a new space, select a landscape architect that understands the materials to achieve the best results.

Best Courtyard Landscape Materials:
  • Flagstone installed in geometric patterns 
  • Old Chicago brick installed in a running bond pattern 
  • DGA or Crushed Limestone for organic walkways 

3.Backyard Retreat

After a long day of work, nothing is more rewarding than retreating to your backyard paradise. Creating a landscape to transform an average backyard requires the right landscape plan as well as the right garden designer.

Key Landscape Accessories for a Backyard Retreat 

  • Pergola Garden Structures 
  • Planted Olive Trees in Containers 
  • Garden benches for resting 

4.Edible Garden

The edible garden is a growing trend in the home landscape. Homeowners have grown more considerate about how their food is grown. These concerns have created the need for landscape designers to integrate edible gardens at homes.

Simple Start to Edible Gardens 

  • Herbs - Rosemary and Thyme - simple. easy. useable. 
  • Tomato - Cherry Tomatoes are easy and produce daily 
  • Squash - Flavorful and easy to grow 

5.Personal Waterpark
The personal water park, or better known as your backyard pool, is fun for the whole family. Adding a backyard pool to your home takes careful planning, research, and a landscape company that can correctly execute a project.

Best Landscape Pool Materials

  • Pool decking - Travertine 
  • Privacy Screening - Dahoon Holly Trees
  • Patio Furniture - Fermob Luxembourg Low Armchairs

6.Southern Charm

The classic southern landscape is characterized by lush green azaleas under canopies of Natchez crape myrtles bordered with mounds of monkey grass. These signature southern plants frame some of the most beautiful plantations that live along the banks of the Mississippi. Whether you are walking along St. Charles Avenue or the shaded pathways of City Park, the iconic southern landscape is at every corner.

Top 3 Southern Landscape Plants

  • G. G. Gerbing Southern Indica Azalea 
  • Natchez Crape Myrtle 
  • Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus 

7.The New Orleans Formal Garden

Unlike the typical formal gardens that sculpt the chateaus of Europe, the formal New Orlean’s gardens have their own style. These formal gardens combine the lush tropical greenery as foundational planting and border them with perfectly sheared wintergreen boxwood. These formal gardens can be found in just about every neighborhood. The Garden District is the largest area in New Orleans where you can find formal gardens. In addition to the Garden District, many homes that are along Metairie road have adopted this style of garden design.

Most Come Plant Material in New Orleans Formal Gardens

  • Camellia Japonica 
  • Xanadu Fern 
  • Wintergreen Boxwood 

New Orleans landscaping requires design, quality plant material, and skilled gardeners to achieve the results that will last over time. Consider contacting the professional landscape team at for a private consultation.

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