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Do My Plants Need a Sweater?

As the temperatures begin to rise and fall in the New Orleans area, our landscapes start to look wintery. The trees become bare; our seasonal plantings look tattered, and lawns finally become dormant.

When do you need to worry about protecting plants? The short answer is never. The more complicated answer is when the temperature is below freezing for an extended period, 4 to 6 hours.

Why never?

If you hire a garden designer or landscape architect to design/install a garden in the New Orleans area, you should never have to cover plants. Trained professionals understand placement and design to promote a healthy landscape. 

Landscape Architects & Designers consider these factors when designing a garden: 

  • Hardiness zone 
  • Placement 
  • Seasonal plants 
  • Purpose 
  • Elements 

These professional select plants based on a long-term plan with your goals in mind.  The hardiness of plants and the materials used in the landscape are chosen to survive the traditional winter elements. 

If you cover your plants, do it right. 

Using your bed sheets or a plastic to cover plants for a freeze just doesn't cut it.  Covering plants with the right material will protect the plants from a freeze.  Using a freeze blanket product similar to the picture below will allow tropical plants to tolerate lower winter temperatures in the New Orleans area. 

 Just remember, select the right plant for the right place and you will always have a beautiful garden.  

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