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How To Use Your Rain Bird WiFi-Enabled Smart Controller

Thank you for purchasing a WiFi enabled Smart Controller from Rain Bird, a trusted name in irrigation throughout the world for over 80 years. Here is some information that will help you get the most from your purchase.

Rain Bird   WiFi-Enabled Smart Controller

Share Access To Your Controller

Do you want to provide controller access to another person? There are two easy ways:

  • Forward this email.
Send an invite through the Rain Bird app. Click the email icon on the app home screen. It will bring up your smart device email account and allow you to enter as many email addresses as you would like. An email with an attachment will be sent to those individuals.

    Either way, when a recipient receives the email, he or she can click on the attachment and it will automatically add and grant permissions to your controller. It’s just that easy. You don’t even have to tell them your password. All the required information will be encrypted as part of the attachment. 

    Manage Your Password

    When your controller was set up, a password was created. Keep this password safe. We don’t collect any of your personal information in the cloud; it is yours to keep. So if you lose it, we can’t send it to you.

    Password Lost?

    No problem. Just log onto the Rain Bird app, select your controller, select settings, select controller info, and enter a new password. If you don’t have the controller set up in the Rain Bird app, you can always recover the system by connecting to the controller locally in Hotspot mode and use the "Add Controller" wizard to reset the password. If you need instructions on how to do this, go to for an instructional video or use the Quick Start Guide provided with the product.

    Want To Change Access Already Granted?

    Concerned with who has access to your controller? Just follow the same steps as if you had lost your password to reset it. Once you change the password, anyone else who has the prior password will no longer have access via the Rain Bird app. If there are others you still want to have access, you will need to send them a new invite using the evite option on the app home screen.


    Turn on Automatic Seasonal Adjust
    When you turn on the Automatic Seasonal Adjust switch in the app, the controller will make regular adjustments to the amount you water based on the season and recent weather. This automatic adjustment can add up to big savings in water usage and water bills annually. NOTE: If you are using the Automatic Seasonal Adjust feature, set your watering schedule as if it is the hottest, driest time of the year. For many regions of North America, this is between July and September. The controller will then take over from your starting schedule, adjusting or suspending watering cycles using an algorithm that takes into account seasonal changes and recent temperatures, humidity, and weather events.

    Get Notifications
    You can stay in touch with what is going on in your yard by signing up for notifications in the Rain Bird app. Click on the controller, then Settings and choose the notifications you would like to receive. Notifications can include freeze warnings, a valve wiring short detection, or WiFi connection problems among others.

    Personalize Your Controller
    It is your yard, so call your watering areas what you want. You can rename your zones to remind yourself what section of the yard that zone waters and to customize programs