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Landscape architects

Landscape architects are those who are educated in the industry of landscape architecture. Their work field is mostly involved with site analysis, land planning, grading, site inventory, planting design, sustainable design, storm water management, construction specification, and anything that is related to landscape. They are familiar with climates and plant types and can guide you to choose a proper site and excellent design.

Services Landscape Architects Provide:

Landscape architects understand the culture of nature very well. They offer different kinds of the landscape related services. Some of their services are given below.

They are trained to develop new theories and policies for landscape planning and designing both at the national and international levels.

  • Create innovative ideas for the restoration and conservation of many valuable properties such as a national park.
  • Create improved ideas and planning to generate environmental awareness and also make plans and designs for the maintenance and management of the cultural and historic landscapes, sites, gardens, and national and international parks.
  • Planning, management, designs to monitor the environment of urban and rural areas including all the public properties such as gardens, parks, housing developments, educational complexes, sports grounds, stadiums and anything that comes under the category of the public property.

They also contribute to the planning and design of the maintenance and management of the infrastructures such as dams, roads, and wind farms.

They inspect sites, analyze the climates, flora, surface, and fauna and give suggestions for the improvements.

They do several types of research and make plans for sites and climates. Landscape architects can also be hired for the private purposes. You can take their help to choose the right spot for your home and workplace. They are expected to work with your home architect to take major decisions about the place and design. They understand the climate better and they can suggest you proper designs that will be climate friendly and will offer you more security. They can help the home architecture to design the outbuildings. Always consider hiring a landscape architect, while making plans for any construction.

How to hire a landscape architect

It is essential to hire a landscape architect for your home and office. It is not difficult to hire them as many services are available in the current market. But you need to be a bit careful while choosing the right service for your home or office. Following are some tips that you can take into account before hiring a landscape architect.

  • Inquire about his experience in this field. An experienced professional can offer you a good service.
  • Ask about the qualification and certification. A certified professional is reliable and can give you superior service.
  • Make sure that the service is ensured. If it is ensured, then you can claim for any damage.
  • Inquire if he has any specific qualification to deal with any particular region and climate.
  • Make sure that he can finish the project within the given time
  • Make everything clear about the payments
  • Give him the details of your financial status of your projects

Once everything is finalized, then you can go ahead with your plan and hire the architect for your home and office project.

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture can be described as a design profession that combines science, technology and art to achieve aesthetic changes to the natural and built environments. Their main concern is the function and form of the land. Landscape architecture is basically about conserving and creating memorable places where people can work and live in. It encompasses all the scales in both the country and town, from national parks to individual streets. It requires creativity, ability to incorporate diverse knowledge so as to produce highly imaginative yet effective and workable solutions. It also requires the great passion for improving the environmental aesthetics and the lives of people. It's a profession that manages, designs and plans our land.

History of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture has very strong roots in the United States, and the early examples, like Monticello, are still very much admired. The term "landscape architecture" was 1st invented in 1828 by Gilbert Meason, and John Loudon was rather instrumental in the actual adoption of the "landscape architecture" term in the modern profession. Loudon took up this term from Gilbert and then gave it popularity in his "Encyclopedias" and also in the 1840's book on Landscape Architecture and Landscape Gardening. The term was 1st used as an actual professional title in 1863 by the famous Frederick Law Olmsted.

The term landscape architecture became common after the year 1863 when Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, designed the Central Park in New York. Today, landscape architects deal with increasingly complex relationships that are between the natural and the built environments. Landscape architects typically carry out an array of projects, and it's their skills and knowledge in construction, site evaluation, planning, and design creativity, which enables them to tackle even the most complex of projects at varying scales. This might involve designing and locating new settlements, constructing road networks, among many other such projects. Landscape architects normally integrate and apply their knowledge of aesthetics, ecology, economics, and socio-cultural factors to create environments that are functional, attractive and innovative appropriate. A landscape architect may conceive the general concept and then prepare a master plan, from where technical specifications and detailed design drawings are prepared. He/she can also review the proposals to supervise and authorize contracts for construction work. Some of the other skills include; preparing the design impact assessment, conducting the environmental assessment, and also serving as the expert witness during inquiries on issues of land use. The skill set and expertise of landscape architects are usually sought after by teams working privately, or those working for government agencies, public municipalities, land developers, commercial developers and even those working on their own to address development issues and complex planning of the land. The skills and creativity of landscape architecture practitioners are quite apparent all around us. For instance, you can see it in the usefulness and the beauty of our urban plazas, sky scrapers, public parks, natural areas, road networks, gardens, streets and all around our communities. Landscape architect's projects can range from major to minor residential, neighborhood, parks, and commercial projects to the golf course, environmental, educational, transportation, industrial and institutional projects. All over the world; from rural to suburban to urban areas, landscape architects do play a major role when it comes to the shaping of the land.

Residential Landscape Architects in Metairie

Landscape architecture is an art that mainly entails creating meaningful and visually interesting designs that cater for the health and safety of clients while still preserving the environment. Therefore, residential landscape architects use their artistic and technical talents to plan, analyze and design built and natural environments. Their profession encompasses creating drawings and construction documents that specify the arrangement and construction of water resources and land elements. Moreover, landscape designers are trained to document plans and design concepts on paper as a graphic way of communicating designs. Visual, graphic documentation is very important especially for major projects that may require permitting through the city building or planning departments. Landscape architects are also experienced in the design of other features such as arbors, retaining walls, swimming pools, fountains and other non-structural elements.

Why should you hire professional residential landscape architects?

  • Strong and professional landscape installation principles: Besides helping you define your needs, the landscape architect will offer useful ideas and insights that you had not considered before. Residential landscape architects are formally trained on all the intricacies that are involved in designing with various living elements. They are qualified in traditional planting design, grading plans, land use planning and stormwater management solutions. They oversee all aspects of landscape installation to ensure a high quality and aesthetically appealing finished product that reflects your personality and unique landscape goals. This is also an effective way of avoiding costly landscaping mistakes and a landscape that does not meet your needs.
  • It is a great investment: Integrated designs to improve the value of your home: Landscape Architects can save you money especially when they bid the process of construction installation with highly qualified residential landscape contractors. Besides creating a competitive bid situation, this will also result in fair pricing and high quality work. On the other hand, landscaping is a smart investment that results in a positive return on investment in the long run. This is one of the major benefits especially for homeowners who want to increase the market value of their property.
  • Trained professionalism and strong ethical principles: Residential landscape architects have formal training, professional references, and all the necessary credentials which is proof that that they will provide a high level of professionalism. On the other hand, the landscape architect will provide relevant examples of similar projects they have handled in the past. This should provide and peace, of mind that the project will be handled in a professional manner and your goals will be implemented. Residential landscape architects are licensed professionals who have sworn to uphold specific landscape design guidelines. They are bound to hold the welfare, safety and health of the general public. Therefore, landscape architects will never propose unsafe design elements that pose potential the risk to your family or property.

Upon being licensed, residential landscape professionals have agreed to serve clients and work diligently in their best interests. Therefore, they will never violate local, state or federal laws just to get their projects sold. They will act on your behalf and oversee quality control for cost-effective and quality landscaping.

Professional Landscape Designers in Metairie

When you’re dealing with a landscape design project in your garden, it can be quite time-consuming and exhausting. However, most homeowners make a smart choice and hire professional landscape designers. If you try to manage everything on your own, it may cause a lot of problems related to your budget, design of the garden and so on. You may even be involved with an accident and injure yourself. On the other hand, professionals designers bring a lot to the table and help you create the perfect garden. Here are some basic ways in which professional designers help homeowners.

  • Creating a Master Map: Most of the homeowners have a lot of good ideas on their mind but don’t know how to accomplish everything. This causes a lot of stress. A professional designer can provide a better picture of your ideas. The designer will prepare a master map of the entire project, and help you decide everything you want in your garden. A master map proves to be the most efficient and economical way of creating the perfect garden.
  • Choosing Appropriate Resources: While designing your garden, you need to choose from a wide range of styles, colors, materials, patterns and accessories. For most homeowners, this can be quite confusing. With proper knowledge and skills, professional landscape designers can plan everything in a perfect way. They can help you choose appropriate resources that are suitable with your landscape scenario. It also allows you to create a unified space that looks stunning.
  • Better Selection of Plants: Whenever you plan to visit a nearby nursery, the first thing you’ll notice will be a wide selection of plants. However, you have to choose very carefully. It is important to understand that every plant has specific needs and requirements associated with land, soil, light and water. These requirements need to be fulfilled to make the plants grow and keep them healthy.
  • Some homeowners are unable to consider these crucial factors while buying plants and planting their new vegetation in the garden. This can lead to a lot of losses. It is also important to consider the particular growth pattern of the plant. A professional landscape designer can help you choose plants carefully and plant them properly in your garden.
  • Work According to Plan: A professional designer is a man with a specific plan. As mentioned earlier, while designing the perfect garden, there are a lot of different factors that need to be considered. A professional designer will take precise measurements of the area, order, and install material, calculate the exact amount of required material, estimating project cost and so on. A professional landscape designer takes care of everything. A professional designer creates a comprehensive plan and works towards meeting specific goals.
  • Aftercare Services: The best part about hiring a professional landscape designer is that he will also provide aftercare services once the project is complete. A professional designer not only helps you create a perfect garden but also maintains it. Professional designers handle everything related to maintenance, changes, upkeep and so on.

These were only some of the ways in which professional landscape designers help you create the most beautiful garden. A professional’s help will save a lot of your time and money. It is true that you will have to pay a good amount of money to the designer, but the payment would be completely worth it. While planning a perfect garden, you need a professional to help you out.