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Grass Problem? Synthetic Turf Is The Solution

Synthetic Turf Is The Solution

Synthetic turf is the ideal solution for homeowners and businesses that have trouble maintaining a lush green lawn.  

  • Synthetic Turf provided a safe environment for playing 
  • No more watering 
  • No more lawns to mow 
  • No chemicals or fertilizers  

The installation process is safe and turns the lawn area into a massive French Drain providing better water movement than a traditional lawn area.  

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Projects 

Over the last two years, The Garden Gates Landscape Company has provided around 15 clients with synthetic turf installations. Ranging from an 8000 square foot install at a school to a small 400 square feet in a backyard we can do it all and are very good at it!

Our newest project, that will be the home of Puppy Love Day Care, needed grass for the dogs. The problem was two large beautiful trees that shaded the yard which would not allow grass to thrive. We installed a paver patio and the synthetic turf to allow for the dogs to play in the yard. 

This special puppy grass is porous to allow for water to percolate through. The gravel underneath allows water to travel back down to the water table and not into our drainage facilities.  

Synthetic Turf


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