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Why Warm Winters Are Bad for Your Lawn

In New Orleans, a warm winter is a huge bonus for everything except for your lawn.  A tropical winter in New Orleans means wearing shorts during the day and long cool evenings. Th problem with the bonus during a tropical winter, means you also have brown patch.  

Why did my yard get brown patch? 

Signs of brown patch are usually seen in New Orleans yards during March to mid-June in most cases. If the winter weather is warm, humid, misty, and rainy- brown patch is just around the corner.


brown patch in New Orleans

Lawns become infected with brown patch in cooler temperatures below 80 degrees. As the humidity and rain keep the leaf blades wet during cool nights, brown patch becomes visible. You can come home on Monday and wake of Tuesday and all of the sudden you see the circles in the yard.

How do I treat brown patch in New Orleans? 

Once you have identified that your lawn has brown patch, you need to apply a fungicide that contains the active ingredient maneb, myclobutanil.  We recommend using Fertilome F-Stop applied in two applications.  

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