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Insect and Disease Management- Metairie and New Orleans 

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and disease management for a healthy landscape is an asset to your property but requires a detailed plan for protecting your investment.   Fighting insect and disease also includes watering, fertilization, pruning and soil aeration providing the best growing environment for your landscape. A healthy landscape starts with care, watering, fertilization.  

Property owners looking to protect their landscapes from insects and disease can often make their properties more valuable with the right integrated pest management program.  These programs need to be in conjunction with holistic horticultural practice to have the most efficient results.  These horticultural practices include proper watering, pruning, removal of damaged limbs, cleaning of fallen blossoms, and properly plant installation.  Many property owners are not aware of the importance of taking the necessary steps towards prevention and often are left to reacting to an infestation of disease or insects due to poor maintenance.  The Garden Gates Landscaping Company is the single=source service provider for all your insect and disease management for your landscape.  

Top insects and disease in landscapes in Metairie and New Orleans 

Lawn Disease and Insects

  • Brown Patch 
  • Cinch Bugs 
  • Mole Crickets 

Shrub Disease and Insects 

  • Lace Bugs 
  • Scale 
  • Thrips 

The Garden Gates Landscaping Company employs certified chemical applicators, landscape contractor, horticulturalists, irrigation contractors, and landscape architects to provide the highest level of care for your home.