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Irrigation Design and Installation

When you add a sprinkler irrigation system to your home; you are ensuring your lawn will look good all year long. Irrigation installation allows you to maintain long-term water savings and delivers noticeable results including a greener lawn and lush plants, trees, and shrubs.

irrigation systems and irrigation design

Who Should Have a Sprinkler System Installed at their Home?

If you want your lawn to be the envy of everyone on the block, you need to have irrigation installation. A professionally installed irrigation sprinkler system will allow you to have a lush green yard with fantastic features. The best part is your lawn will look great with very little effort on your part. As a bonus, the installation of this system allows you to save money on water bills and maximizes your water usage. Since a sprinkler system can be done on a small scale or large scale, it is perfect for a variety of residential properties including:

  • Single family homes
  • Condos
  • Sub-divisions
  • Duplexes
  • Two family homes

Why Irrigation Installation is Important on Residential Properties

Now we know who should have a sprinkler system installed on their property, so it is important to consider why this water saving system should be installed. With an irrigation installation, you will never have to worry about overwatering or under watering your lawn. When a timer and battery back-up are included with your installation, you can rest easy that your lawn will be watered at the appropriate time of day whether you are home or away. A battery back-up system allows your lawn to be watered, even if the power has been knocked out. As soon as power is restored to your home, the system will relay back to its normal power source. After just a few weeks of watering via this type of system, you will begin to notice changes in your lawn and plants - and your neighbors will too.

An Irrigation Installation Takes the Guesswork Out of Watering Your Lawn

One of the best parts of an irrigation installation at your home is that it takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn. When a landscape contractor designs your sprinkler system, they will take into account the sunny and shady parts of your yard. Next, your lawn will be divided into zones based on the sunniest and darkest areas. When your lawn is watered, the sunniest parts of your lawn will receive the most water and the shady parts of your lawn will receive less water. By taking the guesswork out of watering your lawn, you can count on your entire yard looking green, lush, and envious every day of the year.

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation Sprinkler Systems are the best home investments you can make. Apart from the obvious fact of providing you with a beautiful and healthy landscape, a sprinkler system saves you money and frees up your time, so you spent time in activities you truly enjoy. Once you have the system installed, you need not worry anymore about watering your yard. Here are some of the important things you should do for your irrigation system installation.

Prepare and Plan for the Installation

Sprinkler system installation is not a do-it-yourself task that you just wake up on a Saturday morning to do it. You have to plan adequately and prepare for the installation even as early as when you are building your home. Planning and searching for the correct components are the only way to success in this job. Fitting and fine-tuning the system requires more than a weekend. Remember to check if a building permit is necessary before you proceed.

Choose Your Sprinkler System Installer

As said earlier, installation is not everyone's task. You need to seek the help of an installation company to have the system put in place. Most installers out there brag of being the best installers. However, as a client, you need to do research first before going out to search for one. Know the basics of looking for one and put down a guideline to guide you. Do not rely on ads only. Moreover, find out if local/state regulations require that your installer is a licensed and professional installer.

Mapping the Irrigation

Once you are through with your planning and search for the best system that fits your home, lay out the sprinkler system you want. A variety of elements needs to be put into consideration when mapping out sprinkler systems for the home. Such elements include your walk ways, slopes, flower beds, areas of shade & sun and your foundation plantings. Because of all these, you are likely to have two or more watering zones.

Have the System Installed

Once you are done with the preparations and have decided on everything, have the system put in place ready to water your beautiful landscape. If it is an automatic system, you do not need to be trained on handling it. However, if it's a system that requires you, ensure that you are shown everything before your installer leaves. However, whatever the system, it is important to know the basics of maintenance.
Irrigation system installation is an investment you need to be proud of and serious about it. Get services of professional installers and ensure that the purchased components are from a leading manufacturer.

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Professional Irrigation Installers

Having a lush lawn is not an easy task. It usually takes numerous hours or aerating, watering, mowing, fertilizing and weeding to have that verdant, manicured finish. Besides helping you decide the best system for your lawn, professional irrigation installers will ensure that you have a watering schedule that works with your climate and the type of grass and other plants on your lawn. Nowadays, even average homeowners can install lawn irrigation systems to enjoy healthy and beautiful lawns.

Why should you install an irrigation system

Saves time with automated systems: Automated sprinkler systems can be highly beneficial to your landscaping efforts because they help conserve water and also prevent under watering and over-watering. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend time moving sprinkles around your yard or dragging out your hosepipe to water your lawn. Moreover, a vibrant lawn, flowers, and shrubs will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Increase the value of your home: One of the key elements to fetching higher prices at auction is a beautiful lawn. Besides the beautifying effect of fresh lawn or garden, installing an irrigation system is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the value of your property or home. Expert irrigation installers will help you save energy, time, and money that can be spent on other home improvement projects.

Landscape benefits: Relying on professional irrigation installers and investing in the right irrigation system that is tailored to your climate and preferences offers the following benefits

  • Dust control
  • Increased carbon sequestration
  • Water retention benefits and reduction in heat
  • Noise reduction

Water retention is increased, and your conservation efforts are enhanced because the irrigation system efficiently applies water only to specific areas that need it.

The cost benefit of irrigation systems: Most irrigation systems mainly include in-ground systems that ensure that the system is discreet. Although the system can be costly in the short run, the system will prove to be very beneficial regarding sheer efficiency and cost, especially in the long run. Moreover, professionally installed irrigation systems have low maintenance costs because they rarely require replacement of parts and fine tuning.

Professional irrigation installers can help you avoid most of the problems that are associated with poor use of water, draft or high water demand. Therefore, your lawn and home, in general, will benefit from an irrigation system that takes into account factors such as the time of day, nature of your landscape and the climate. All these benefits combined provide numerous economic benefits while still promoting environmental conservation.