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Landscape Contractor

What's a Landscape Contractor? 

When you contact a landscape company to refurbish and outdoor space, you will come in contact with a landscape contractor. The contractor is responsible for installing greenery, creating hard landscape features such as paths, patios, and decks, and much more. The landscape contractor will work with you to create the design of your outdoor space, is responsible for the planning of your design, and will oversee the actual installation of all features.

Who Should Contact a Landscape Contractor?

A landscape contractor can handle both commercial and residential accounts. Most commonly, you would hire a landscaping company to design or maintain the landscape for the following properties.

  • Residential homes
  • Office buildings
  • Privately-owned buildings
  • Shopping malls or centers
  • Hotels
  • Public areas like parks

What's Involved in Planning Landscape Design?

When it comes to designing the landscape for a particular area, the landscape contractor will work with the home or business owner to determine what type of design is best. Issues and features that will be considered when planning the design will include:

  • How the area will be used
  • Personal preferences of the owner
  • The contractor's opinion of the potential of the site

If a large-scale project is being considered, a contractor may work with a landscape architect to ensure the integrity of the landscape design.

Landscape Planning

After the contractor has met with the client to discuss the design concept for the project, the planning stage will begin. During the planning phase of the project, the contractor will select the appropriate materials for the project. After considering whether subcontractors will be hired for specialized aspects of the project, an estimate or budget will be presented to the owner. The estimate will include the cost of the project and will include both material costs and labor costs.

Construction is the Largest Role of any Landscape Contractor

As you can see a landscape contractor has many roles. The largest role of any contractor is the actual construction involved in the project. When installing landscaping features, the contractor will oversee every aspect of the process including laying drainage systems, adding proper irrigation, and even reshaping landscape to allow the new installation to operate properly. Many popular landscape features that require the careful eye of a trained contractor include rock gardens, decks, sheds, ponds, fountains, patios, decorative paths, and ornamental gardens.

Landscape Contractor Oversees Final Planting

After the construction phase of a landscape project is completed, a contractor will oversee the planting involved. The most common planting that occurs after landscape construction includes trees, plants, shrubs, reshaping lawns, and creating new planting areas.

Schedule Maintenance Programs to Maintain Existing Grounds

Hiring a landscape company and contractor to upgrade your existing grounds is an investment that increases your curb appeal and makes it more enjoyable to use your outdoor space. After your new landscape construction and plantings have been installed, your landscape contractor will suggest a maintenance program. It's important to sign up for a maintenance program to ensure your new features, and existing grounds stay in tip-top shape. With a maintenance program, you can expect your new features to look good no matter what Mother Nature delivers and you won't have to worry about falling behind on the work yourself. Learn more about landscape contractors and landscaping here.