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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

A little goes a long way when it comes lighting your outdoor landscape. That is because your eyes require less light for the outdoors than they do for the indoors, for you to see the shadow-light pattern. To come up with a great plan for your outdoor landscape lighting, take a walk round your yard at night, and envision when and how you want your spaces to be, and rely on the following tips.

Night lighting

The Basics

The way you see the light during the day is very different from how you see it during nighttime. And, this is particularly an important characteristic when it comes to lighting up the pathways and any other outdoor space. But, some lighting principles remain valid. It is important to remember that light has color, and quantity emitted, or intensity. The color of every light bulb is indicated on the packaging, and it’s a figure that ranges from 1700K to 7600 K which is a blue-white

  • Outdoor lighting is divided into three groups that are based on function.
  • Accent lighting – draws attention to an area or object. Usually, this is accomplished with floodlights and spotlights.
  • Task lighting – This is used for a certain specific purpose, like lighting up a path
  • Overall lighting – offers illumination for an entire space or room.

There is the variety of bulbs that are ideal for outdoor landscape lighting. An incandescent bulb emits pleasing light; however it has a relatively short life and also consumes more power. Halogen bulbs – versions of incandescents – are more efficient and typically come with less energy consumption and a longer life. Fluorescents, on the other hand, are now sold in a more amazing color range, consume less energy and last much longer. Though LED bulbs are quite expensive, their price – which continues to go down – is balanced by their extraordinarily low energy consumption and extremely long life and extremely.

Outdoor Lighting Issues

There is a huge difference between the issues of outdoor landscape lighting and those of indoor lighting. For instance, reflection is automatically less an issue for the outdoors as most surfaces are obviously dark and hence don’t reflect light well. Nonetheless, shielding and position are more crucial in outdoor landscape lighting as they have a huge role of preventing glare. Glare occurs when the source of light is too bright or too big and it can end up being blinding since it directly reflects in the people’s eyes. Outdoor landscape lighting must also be especially sensitive to indirect versus direct light. Outdoor landscape light that is direct such as a downlight outside a side-entry door will mostly brighten the object it’s targeted at and less of the surroundings. On the other hand, an indirect light will reflect on the surrounding objects to form a soft wash.  Learn more about landscape lighting here. 

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a system which you will install in your outdoors to highlight the landscape at night. The lighting will make each detail in your outdoors to stand out. In case you have a fountain, it will be clearly seen after you have the low voltage landscape lighting in place. Your pool will be used till late night after you decide to have the lighting in place. Apart from highlighting your outdoors, the lighting is very helpful in improving the safety and security of your outdoors. You will not stumble when walking in your yard at night. People with ill intention will also find it hard to attack you after you decide to have the system in place.

Benefits of installing low voltage landscape lighting

Safe to install: The lighting system will use a step-down transformer to step down voltage from your home wiring to about 12 volts. This voltage will not pose to your family members risk when playing. You will just dig the soil to small depths for you to hide the wires and the system will work very well in your home. Even if by accident the wires will be cut in your backyard, you will not risk electrocution due to their low voltage. An affordable lighting choice: The lighting system is among the cheapest you can have in your home. You will achieve in saving a lot of power after you have the system in place. Although the light produced is not too much, it is just enough for outdoors. Due to their low voltage, the lighting system will lead you to save a lot of money when trying to light your outdoors. Easy to redesign: You may have installed the lighting system in such a way where you consider they are not highlighting your outdoors well. To correct the situation, you will have to redesign the lighting system. It is very easy for you to dig out the wires that you will have buried few inches below the soil and have them in the best arrangement that you will consider the best for your home. There are many designs of the lighting systems available; you can always take your time and look for the best design that will make your outdoors appear great. You should also check on the durability. Most of the lighting systems available are very durable. You should check on their durability as well as energy consumption for you to make the best decision. Are you interested in learning more about Landscape Lighting for your home or office in Metairie or New Orleans? Contact us below. [contact-form-7 id="176" title="Contact form 1"]