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Seasonal Color Planting in Metairie and New Orleans

Seasonal Color Planting

Few landscape elements affect the overall appearance of a property more than flowers. Our Garden Gates Landscaping Company is dedicated to helping you come up with Seasonal Color Planting landscapes that are exciting and dramatic in adding beauty and value to your home. Our company has been in this business for long and will ensure that the most breathtaking seasonal flowers are installed in your property to provide a brilliant display of color. We have a professional team that manages our seasonal color services on a full-time basis to ensure that your preference, needs, and expectations are met. We also have experienced floriculture program administrator who oversees the installation process and manages the routine as well as regular care services throughout the year.

Seasonal Color Planting

Seasonal Color Planting Services

Our The Garden Gates Landscaping Company offers the following Seasonal Color Planting services:

  • Flower bed design and installation
  • Rotation of seasonal annuals
  • Flower bed design and installation
  • Container bed installation
  • Mulching & weeding, deadheading, fertilization
  • Watering
  • Ongoing landscape garden maintenance
  • Mulch installation
  • Custom hanging baskets
  • Soil preparation, soil amendment and fertilization

Our team of experts is dedicated in creating a unique and vibrant seasonal garden color that will not only increase the aesthetic value of the property but also bring a positive attention to your property. With our specially trained professionals, you will get a well-designed landscape full of beautiful annual and plants that reflect every season of the year. The experts also ensure that the flowers offer a stunning color combination all the year round to add to your landscape natural beauty.

If you need a beautiful landscape and you are unsure of the best flower to plant, our client service representatives are here the help. The representatives have vast experience and will recommend flowers and other plants that can do well in your landscape all the year round. They can also arrange a meeting with you where you can discuss your taste. One of Our seasonal planting programs includes annual flowers in flowerbeds and containers in the spring. The program also involves installation of tulip bulbs and mums in fall for early spring color. We also have seasonal décor that add festive flavor to your home. The best thing about our seasonal programs is that we can customize them to fit your preference and taste. You can also benefit from our program options that include follow-up visits to apply fertilizer, weed the flowerbeds, or replace any dead plants.

Some of the planting programs that we offer to provide the Seasonal Color Planting include:

  • Fall Planting: In you want to have a beautiful landscape with vibrant color in spring; the pansies are an excellent choice. We also install the bulbs in fall for spring irises, daffodils, and tulips.
  • Spring Color: Our professional team will help you to get any style that you may prefer, from classic look to a more modern look. You can choose from hundreds of annual and seasonal designer beds, hanging baskets and pots.
  • Garden Mums for Fall: If you love the garden mums, we have this package for you. These flowers do very well in the fall season to provide you with a lovely landscape. We also include the cabbages, asters, flowering kales, and hay bales as a great way to provide fall color. We can also spice up the fall display by including the pumpkins.
  • Winter Evergreens: Winter has the gloomiest days that make many people feel lazy and stay indoors almost all the time. Our company is dedicated to providing you with beautiful, fresh, and hearty greenery in your pots together with branches of evergreens and red dogwoods.

The Garden Gates Landscaping Company professionals ensure that the soil is well prepared, allowing solid planting and consistent growth. This is done by establishing a healthy soil composition that allows the flowers to receive all the nutrients they need. Our professional also allows the flowerbeds to get enough sunlight or shade, depending on the plants requirements. Soil preparation will also allow for maximization of seasonal and annual plants growth in your landscape garden. 

Our experts are also dedicated to ensuring that the irrigation needs are met. The experts evaluate the hydration needs of the plants in your landscape garden so that to ensure that the right amount of water is provided to the plants for optimum growth. Our company has designed and installed many irrigation systems that suit most of our clients’ needs. They are suitable for industrial, retail, and commercial use. You can also benefit from our customizable state of the art smart irrigation systems that are designed with the aim of ensuring that the plants receive the right amount of moisture throughout the year. Our irrigation systems also use the latest technology that minimizes water usage by maximizing water efficiency. Our irrigation systems are secured against winterization. The frost in winter tends to damage the irrigation systems. With our system, we have ensured that this damage is avoided by offering preventive service. 


Mulching is provided to the plant to ensure that key nutrients and moisture is retained to maximize the plant heath. Mulching exercise also ensures that weed growth is reduced, thus no need of regular weed control. This will not only save you the additional cost of weed control but will ensure that your landscape is well maintained, and your flowerbeds are weed free thus reducing the competition for nutrients and moisture. Our company offers a wide selection of mulching options that will help you to meet aesthetic beauty, weed control, and water retention in your flowerbeds. We have also ensured that all the mulching options are environmentally friendly to enable them to help you in protecting your landscape garden for a long time.

Apart from providing you with the most beautiful Seasonal Color Planting installation, The Garden Gates Landscaping Company offers the best maintenance services that ensure that your lawn areas are always in optimal health that is attractive while promoting color and vigor. This is achieved by our highly qualified professionals who offer services such as scheduled mowing and sit clean up. If you want us to partner with you in developing a stunning landscape that brings breathtaking view and value to your property, feel free to request a consultation or contact us today.