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Soil Analysis for Landscapes in Metairie & New Orleans

Soil Analysis

When was the last time you had a soil analysis? Do you even know what it can do for your garden? These are all questions that often go unanswered and ultimately not addressed.  Healthy trees and gardens don't happen by accident and don't happen overnight. The healthiest trees and garden all begin with the good drainage, organic material, and nutrients.

Soil Analysis for Landscapes in Metairie & New Orleans

Soil Analysis: How to Use a Soil Analysis 

  • In the construction process of a landscape project, the landscape architect makes corrective measures to the soil after reviewing the soil analysis.
  • Once this process is complete, the landscape contractor amends the soil based on the direction of the landscape architect.
  • After the landscape project installation, it becomes the landscape maintenance contractors responsibility to provide proactive maintenance to promote holistic care.

How do you address an existing landscape where the soil quality is not sufficient to support healthy plant growth?  The soil can be amended with nutrients, adjustments to the ph levels, and proper irrigation over a period.  If you think that your soil needs to be tested and corrective steps put in place for you landscape to flourish, contact one of our Landscape Architects to discuss your needs.