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Artificial Turf

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Authentic Looking Lawns 

Our synthetic lawns are gorgeous, authentic-looking turf the highest quality artificial turf on the market. Each of our turf installation projects is a turn key project. Our artificial turf products are manufactured in the USA with top quality material, and they last up to 25 years!

  • Color: PE field/PE line with texturized tan dual thatch (brown)
  • Yarns: 80 oz of PE Monofilament lime w/ Txt Field Mono with dual color tan thatch
  • Face Weight: 80 oz.
  • Back Weight: 24 oz. Urethane
  • Total Product Weight: 104 oz.
  • Pile Height: 1 3/4″
  • Warranty: 10 year

Our installation cost of a complete artificial landscape turf project at your home is $18.00 per square foot with a minimum installation of fifteen by fifteen ( 225 square feet ).  

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