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Eugenia Globulus Cone Topiary

Eugenia Globulus Cone Topiary

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Eugenia Cone Topiaries are an ideal sculpted topiary for the Metairie and New Orleans area.  It thrives in our climate and is an affordable alternative to a boxwood topiary or youpon topiary.  

  • Eugenia Topiaries Grow in Zone 9 to 11 
  • Cold Tolerant to 32 degrees, temperatures below require protection 
  • Fertilize 4 Times per year with 13-13-13 - 1 cup per application 
  • Water Daily Spring to Summer 
  • Prefers Full Sun, Can Tolerate Partial Morning Shade 

Order our Eugenia Cone Topiaries in the New Orleans and Metairie area to be planted in your favorite containers or focal points in the garden. 

  • All of our Eugenia Cone Topiaries are a delivered price and you can select to have the topiary installed at you home or office.  Just select, installed in the delivery options menu. 
  • The Garden Gates Landscaping Company will make necessary arrangements for soil and fertilizer on an as need basis and send an invoice for those materials after an installation is completed.