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Landscape Lighting LED Starter System

Landscape Lighting LED Starter System

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Have you ever considered adding landscape lighting to your home but you not sure where to start?  The Garden Gates Landscaping Company makes it easy with our landscape lighting starter system.  Everything you need to start adding landscape lights to your home installed by professionals that understand the process. 

Landscape Lighting LED Starter System Includes:

  • 75 VPRO outdoor transformer 
  • 4 LED pathway lights 
  • 2 LED uplights  
  • 200 feet of 12-2 outdoor landscape lighting wire  
  • 12 underground lighting connectors  
  • Six  outdoor low voltage LED bulbs  
  • Outdoor Protective Cover 
  • Labor  

All landscape lighting fixture and transformer is made by Vista Lighting and carries a 10-year warranty on parts and labor. UL Listed to U.S. safety standards for low voltage landscape luminaires (UL 1838).


The new vPRO Transformers are low profile, light weight, stainless steel and utilize solid-state technology. A proprietary, downloadable app allows the transformer to be controlled by any Bluetooth® enabled device.

  • Self-adjusting voltage and current reductions to protect against overload; no breakers to reset
  • Available in single or double circuits; double circuit dimming individually addressable
  • Multiple wattage options from 75 to 500
  • Selectable voltage adjustment (12V or 15V)
  • Outdoor/indoor rated
  • Password protected
  • American made


LED Uplight fixture

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