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Ultimate Irrigation System - 8 Zone

Ultimate Irrigation System - 8 Zone

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The Garden Gates Landscaping Companies 8 zone irrigation system is designed to get your lawn and garden watering under control.  Each system comes with a programmable irrigation clock, rain gauge, 4 electric valves, valve boxes, class 200 PVC, fittings, nozzles and all the necessary parts to provide the best coverage our eight-zone system offers. 
  • 8 station base capability
  • 8 individual programs with 6 independent start times per program
  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface and dial
  • Rain Sensor input with override capability
  • 10-year life lithium battery saves controller time and date during power outages
  • One touch manual watering
  • Delay watering up to 14 days
  • Water-saving, one-touch seasonal adjustment from 5% to 200%
  • Master valve/pump start circuit
  • Advanced diagnostics and short detection with LED alert
  • Flexible watering schedule options

Irrigation System Details 

  • Free Rain Gauge 
  • 20 feet of underground boring included 
  • Outdoor Electrical Connection Not Included 
  • 90 days Free Adjustments 
  • 1-inch Pressure Vacuum Breaker 
  • Control Wire 
  • Labor
  • Irrigation Adjustable Nozzles